To train the young minds to become the resourceful citizens of the nation has been the hallmark of schooling system. The sequential and qualitative unveiling of the hidden layers of knowledge by bringing out the latent talents must be the aim of the trainers of young minds. As bricks are arranged in a pattern to make a grand structure so are the students in a school made to interact with each other to have gracious structures of humanities.


All the socially and ethically updated information intertwined and intermixed with stipulated curriculum and educational objectives must be rendered to energize the enthusiastic youngsters to face boldly the challenges of the competitive world.  


To realize the broader goals, both the human as well as material resource at Sural Public School, Kotkasim are comparable to none as far as grooming of students’ heads, hearts and hands to make them dexterous is concerned.






                                                                                                 Anand Prakash Yadav 



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